SportsBuddy App
The app provides a platform for people to find perfect partners to practice sports, create and host activities sections, activity tracker and above all make new friends and sports buddies.
December, 2017
GeTTogether Project
The project where the purpose is to employ a design process to discover, design, develop and deploy a solution for a problem using design.
May, 2017
Unpredictable Book
An experimental typographic book showing how a depressed mind would behave facing tons of mood swings daily.
May, 2017
Between Type Specimen Book
The design of the type specimen book for the new release of Monotype Corporation, which is the Between typeface by Akira Kobayashi
November, 2016
Type Classifications Poster Series
A series of informational type classifications posters using primarily typographic in nature with a limited color usage of three spot colors.
May, 2016
From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Transforming a simple sign found on street into a complex project carrying all levels of information stated in the original source.
December, 2016
Game Book Redesign
Redesign of a coffee-table book in purpose to explore the modular grid setting text, captions, titles, subtitles, and images.
December, 2016
Time Reimagined
The project focus on Storytelling, Information Design, Vernacular, Artifact Creation, and Awesomeness. The end product is a timeline that charts a 1 vs 1 shooter game match.
December, 2016
Making Ideas Visible
Collage project exploring any media, drawings, inks, and materials following a concept of street arts. This was a way to explore and develop conceptual thinking skills .
May, 2016
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